Race for points! Not for eliminations. Have you ever spent a few hundred dollars to compete in a race just to be eliminated in the first round?   At Act of Speed, there are NO eliminations and no one will have to load up their trailer early with our grudge style points system.  The Act of Speed points system is simple.  For every race won, drivers are awarded 2.5 points.  Drivers can draw from our Blind Draw box for a unique matchup to earn even more points (5 points per win)!  At the end of the day, the racer with the most points wins! 
Think your car has what it takes? Prove it.  Exotics, drag cars, euro's, modern muscle cars, high powered imports, and even historic vehicles are all open for call outs.  This isn't about the time you ran or the speed you ran.  It's about beating the car lined up next to you to the finish line.
This is a street style drag racing event with a few conveniences. All roll races will start from a 40mph roll at the tree.  Dig racers will leave on an instant green with a fully prepped track surface.  First to the finish line wins the race. Act of Speed is a LIGHTS OUT GRUDGE RACING event.  No times or mph numbers will be shown. When you pull to the line you better be ready to rock!
Sign up early to secure your spot in the Act of Speed FREE car show! 
Act of Speed is a winner take all event.  Each class will have ONE winner.  Classing is as follows. 
Pre-1985 | Post-1985 | Best Domestic | Best Import | Best Truck | Fan Favorite
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